So, you got to that other page on my blog. To be honest I always thought of blogs as being a single page with your… well, your blog on it. But it appears wordpress offers me another page, with a sensible enough title. I guess if I am going to write in here at all I may as well make it relevant and not just random, hardly coherent key strokes.


I am a fifteen year old newbie blogger. I spend way to much time on the computer and I’m a bit of a nerd. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I gain from programming, and I consider myself of reasonable ability with both Javascript and Unityscript. Expect me to occasionally make a post or two about a new game or some scripting I completed. Generally however, I think this blog will be about my “philosophical ponderings (philonderings)” rather than my work (hobbie). School is something of great influence in my life, so this will inevitably be reflected in my blog – I will try to keep blogs purely about school to a minimum.

Game development is a passionate hobby of mine. You can see the results here:

My JSFiddle (Scripting Exercises)

My Kongregate Profile (Released Browser Games)

My blog (you’re already here) I will blog about my latest game or programming endeavour occasionally. If you’re interested just check back from time to time or subscribe to my wordpress.


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