I think I may be able to pinpoint one of my (possibly numerous) shortfalls related to the inception of a blogpost in my mind. A lack of proper discussion. Too many times have I sat down at a parent’s dinner table and been disappointed at the conversation’s startling ability to briskly become something mundane and typically “dinnerpartyish.” This immediately reinforces my mind’s view that all adults retain a mystical ability to de-construct society, politics, and the very fabric of time and space each and every moment they take part in a heated discussion or debate around a dinner table –  as the earlier topics suggest. Now, it could of course be blamed on Sauvingnon Blanc and her relatives, yet I believe the influence should potentially feed intellectual discussion for the better. Bringing me on to figure A:

As you can see, my in depth research has clearly revealed a stark drop in conversation relevance below that of even a measurable amount. However, regardless of this cliff, a point is reached where maximum conversational potential (MCP) is achieved. It’s this optimum alpine point where things get a little dangerous. While the subject feels the night and conversation improve they may be persuaded to have “one more drink.” At which point you fall down a slippery slope – to the depths of drunkard singing. At this point I would like to stress all the research has been observed rather than obtained though first hand experience for integrity of results. Which brings me onto my next graph, figure B:

Although the two graphs are similar, marijuana appears to push the MCP a small (but significant) amount higher than Alcohol. Undeniably the MCP drop of figure B is a lot more abrupt. Marijuana’s cliff brings conversation to a complete halt, bar the odd murmur as you stare at the ceiling or out of the window. It’s important to note: whilst my first test results were obtained from a large pool of subjects over a long period, the second less so. Perhaps further testing needs to take place with the latter MCPS (Maximum Conversational Potential Stimulant).

One things for certain though, both MCPSs have their pros and cons, and interact differently with their subjects depending on the participants and their relationships with one another. So my one certainty is an uncertainty.

Finally, to return to the original point of this post: I don’t have any proper conversations, merely hellos, goodbyes and awful puns. Perhaps I’m too young for all this intellectual malarky, or maybe my friends are all too young? Yet another uncertainty.

In fact scrap that entire post, I can’t come up with blog posts due to an abundance of uncertainty. Definitely something I need to work on (see one certainty already… I’m improving fast).


A change of plan.

If you have had the privilege to read my most recent (first) post on this blog you will know I was skeptical on wether my thoughts were worth sharing. Considering this stretch of bloggers block, or blog deprivation as it’s referred to by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Blogs) has amounted to over a month, it appears I was probably right to be, slightly cynical, about the value of my distributed thoughts.

It’s not as though my mind has been blank. Oh, no. Far from it. Rather, any attempt at rationalising or jotting down my “philonderings” has resulted in… very little at all. Imagine taking a lollypop and warming it up for eating on a cold day. Sure, it’s edible, but I’d rather have a hot chocolate instead.

So, if by some miracle the latter half of that last paragraph made any sense to you what-so-ever. This blog will now become milk. I shall be stealing the sugar and cocoa from pre-conjured material – such as other blogs. Here I am, taking a metaphorical sip forward into the world of blogging.

Join me next month when I convert my blog to wine.

Hello world!

So, my first post in the big wide world of blogging. I have to be honest in that the only blog I have ever properly followed (and still am) is Ken Perlin’s. So with my small experience in the way blogs are written. “I triumphantly decide to begin writing my own blog!” This was about a month ago, and after a large number of nights spent dreaming of a wonderfully intellectual collection of thoughts, I foolishly begin to share them with the world, today. Probably to only discover anything which appears intelectual intelligent or interesting in my head, is never worth sharing – ever. Regardless I shall soldier on! Expect a slow but hopefully steady stream of my largely edited ponderings… here! – or at least where-ever my newer blog posts are posted relative to this one.